Computer Networking
Classroom Management
Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination - Credly
Court Reporting Micro-credentials
OSU-Oklahoma City and Tulsa Community College
Court Reporting Micro-credentials

Begin your journey to becoming a Court Reporter at OSU-Oklahoma City or Tulsa Community College! Earn the Intro to Steno Machine Shorthand micro-credential today.

sUAS/Drone Piloting
Secondary Classroom Management & Assessment
Secondary Classroom Management & Assessment
Secondary Classroom Management & Assessment
Cameron University, Rose State College, Rogers State University
sUAS/Drone Piloting Micro-credentials

Enhance your business or career with drone piloting and mapping skills! Earn a micro-credential at the college closest to you.

Drilling Basics Online
Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination
Oklahoma State University

Drilling Basics Online

Powered by OSU, the National Groundwater Association University (NGWAU) training program upskills current employees and prepares future groundwater professionals to ensure continued access of clean, fresh water.

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Court Reporting Micro-credentials
sUAS/Drone Piloting
Rose State, Rogers State, and Cameron Training Programs
Drilling Basics Online
Oklahoma State University
Online Training Program
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How can a micro-credential benefit Oklahomans?

Employers and recruiters are looking for applicants who can demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings. In fact, nearly all employers in a Hart Research survey (95%) indicated they gave hiring preference to college graduates with beyond-major skills that will enable them to contribute to innovation in the workplace.

Employers agree that having both field-specific knowledge and skills and a broad range of skills and knowledge is the most important combination for long-term success. Micro-credentials quickly establish that you have marketable skills, competencies and experiences.

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